Derivatives are instruments that derive their value from an underlying. We currently offer three strategies with Nifty 50 as the underlying to our clients. Terms and conditions apply and all products may not be suitable for all clients.

Our Offerings

Plutus Alpha Plutus Nifty Plus Hedging Ideas
Objective Generate Additional Income on
existing portfolio
Generate alpha over NIFTY
Improve portfolio yield through
Strategy Use existing portfolio as margin and
generate income by writing options
on the NIFTY
Invest in NIFTY ETFs and use that as
margin to write options on NIFTY
and improve return
Use options tactically to improve
returns and generate alpha through
events and cycles
Expected Outcome Additional Return of 5-7% on
exiting portfolio
Outperform Nifty by 3% post taxes
and expenses on a consistent basis
Hedge portfolio, generate
additional capital to increase
invested capital
Execution Shares to be placed as margin,
options are written monthly.
Execution can be done through any broker
Client invests into ETF and options
are written monthly. Execution
through your broker or our
preferred broker
Pure advisory practice, execution
through client's broker