Risk profiling


FinametricaTM determines your risk profile and helps assess your short and long term goals

determining our risk profile 
suggested asset allocation

Suggested asset allocation and portfolio review


We create an asset allocation that is in-line with your risk profile


Investment solutions through appropriate product recommendations


We recommend appropriate products that are aligned with your asset allocation irrespective of whether they are proprietary or third party managed

investment solutions through appropriate product
periodic portfolio review by expert wealth managers

Periodic portfolio reviews


All investments are consolidated and tracked. You can access all of your holdings through the portal or through our mobile app

Sample portfolio review


Plutus Gratitude


'Plutus Gratitude' is a loyalty program for TrustPlutus clients who avail of our services.

Clients accumulate reward points at the end of every calendar quarter.

TrustPlutus has a partnership with American ExpressTM. TrustPlutus customers who have an American ExpressTM card have an option of transferring the rewards to their American ExpressTM card.

Plutus Gratitude loyalty program